Cricket is a popular sport that you can play, watch, and even bet on. Cricket is ingrained in every Indian’s veins; this sport is enjoyed by all ages, from youngsters to the elderly. So, if you enjoy cricket and want to make money from it, this post is for you. We will provide helpful hints for understanding the rates and everything associated with them. On the market, there are several online cricket platforms, one of which – cricket betting 10cric – is discussed in this article. Cricket gambling 10cric will allow you to not only have fun but also make money from your favorite hobby.

Cricket Betting on 10Cric

10 CRIC is a renowned European bookmaker that has been on the market with its products for bookies and casinos since 2013. 10 Cric will launch a specific project for Indian players by the end of 2017. Despite the fact that 10 Cric is relatively young and has not been on the market as long as other firms, it has become a symbol of trust and a pleasant bet experience for Indian gamers.

10Cric Cricket Sports Betting in India

Indian customers desire and need quick and dependable payment options, which 10 CRIC offers. Another key feature of 10cric live betting cricket is the ability to wager in rupees. This implies that consumers do not need to be concerned about changing currencies or seeing a fall in winnings or an increase in losses as a result of currency changes.

10CRIC India is one of the most cost-effective online cricket bet sites. And this is due to the fact that the minimum scoop here is really little. You may gamble on a cricket match with a minimum wager of 5 rupees. More than 20 distinct betting possibilities are available to players. Do you want to know how to play cricket betting in 10cric cricket app? Keep on reading.

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Types Of Cricket and Types Of Cricket Betting

At the international level, cricket is played in three formats:

  • Test matches
  • One-Day Internationals
  • Twenty20 Internationals

The International Cricket Council, which also provides match officials, approves the rules and regulations for these matches.

How to Bet on Cricket Online Casino Games on 10Cric ?

There are many different types of bets on cricket all of which are available on 10 cric. This should come as no surprise considering that cricket is a complicated sport with numerous variables and factors influencing outcomes. As a result, there are several forms of cricket bets. We will not discuss each one, but simply the most recent. So, what are the most common sorts of betting on this fascinating sport?

  • Bet on a match. Simply attempt to predict which of the two teams will win which match. This is one of the most regular and popular cricket bets on 10cric. Because this is the simplest kind. Of course, gambling on an outsider and winning gives you the highest value. It should be noted that a tie is a typical occurrence in test matches. So, our advice is to visit the bet site to find out what will happen to your wager in the event of a tie.
  • Bet on a tie. It lends itself to an ambiguous name. You may wonder why. This is because there is a distinction between a draw and a tie in test matches. Ties are extremely unusual; draws are quite common. This is also known as a “draw bet.”
  • Double chance. You’ve got two chances. In this situation, you’re gambling on either a team win or a tie.
  • Series champion. It is rather typical for two cricket teams to participate in a series of matches (say, three or five games) rather than in a single contest. Of course, you may bet on any of the individual matches, but you can also wager on the overall winner of the series.
  • The obvious winner. This is a future wager on the winner of a competition, such as the Cricket World Cup or the World Twenty20. The earlier you enter the competition, the more you may win.

10Cric Cricket Odds: 3 Main Types Of Sports Betting

Before you take action, the best plan is to thoroughly comprehend what you are getting into. If you want to wager on cricket, you should be aware that there are cricket betting odds. Cricket betting odds are decimal figures computed by sports experts and published next to teams competing in a 10 CRIC match. There is a widespread misconception that the prospects afforded by cricket differ significantly from those offered by any other athletic event. This notion, however, is incorrect.

There are various methods for expressing coefficients, and not every operator chooses the same one. Let’s look at the several sorts that are offered in the general bet industry. Most of you have undoubtedly heard of them. Sportsbooks typically provide three sorts of odds. It is, in fact, money strings, both decimal and fractional. We will offer a brief description of each species in this section.

  • Moneylines are sometimes known as American odds. These are the odds that most American bookies utilize, as you might expect. Moneylines are written in +120 or -80 format by sportsbooks. Moneylines are written in terms of $ / £ / € 100 by sportsbooks. If you see Moneyline with a negative, it suggests that this is a chance for a favorite. When you see a money line with a plus sign, you are looking at the odds of an outsider.
  • Decimal odds is a scheme that is widely utilized in continental Europe and other parts of the European continent. They are written by bookmakers in terms of the stake of $ / £ / € 1.
  • Fractional chances are favored in the United Kingdom and Ireland. They are also known as British odds, conventional odds, and British odds. Bookmakers write this kind as a bet $ / £ / € 1, much like the decimal method.

IPL Betting

The Indian Premier League is the T20 cricket equivalent of the Holy Grail. The countdown to the start of the 2018 IPL season has begun, and participants are already planning their bet strategy. The Indian Premier League is one of the world’s most popular sporting competitions. A large sum of money is at risk for each IPL match in India. As a result, if 10 Cric India IPL prices are to satisfy Indian clients, they must fulfill very high requirements. The list of markets available for IPL betting is extensive, and it is frequently feasible to take advantage of the improved odds. This is why bets on 10cric Cricket India are so popular in India.

Bonuses are frequently given for big annual competitions, thus there is no doubt that 10 Cric India IPL bets satisfy the top standards required by Indian sports fans.

IPL Odds

Odds on the IPL 2023 winner gambling market are available on the bet sites. The Gujarat Titans are currently the favorites with odds of 6.50 on Betway to win the IPL 2023. In the final game, the Gujarat Titans met the Rajasthan Royals. RR has a 7.50 chance of winning the trophy.

The Mumbai Indians have a 7.00 chance of winning the IPL 2023. RKB also seems to have struck the right balance, now leading the Faf du Plessis. RCB has a 7.50 chance of getting the trophy next year.

Delhi Capitals took off from the IPL 2023 playoffs. They have odds of 8.00 on Betway.

10Cric Cricket Betting Tips

Responsible Betting is when you know what you should do and are ready for any consequences. But to maximum avoid bad consequences you know some tips and hints for cricket gambling and obviously follow 10cric cricket betting rules. Oh, you don’t know? So now is the perfect time to find it out! Cricket betting tips are widely available on the Internet. They do not always work, sometimes they appear apparent, and some people ignore them. However, when it comes to gambling, one or two suggestions might come in helpful from time to time.

Prepare a Strategy

In every deal, having a strategy is already half the battle. When dealing with online betting, a well-planned strategy is always required. Have a concept of what bets you want to place, what odds you think are reasonable, and how much you want to win.


Before investing in a match, make sure you know all the ins and outs of the match. Learn about the team, locations, players, and the general history of the parties. There is almost no end to the study, so it would be healthy to be on par with the current form of the players and the current series of the team, as well as things like field conditions and weather.

Choose Bookmakers and Exchanges

There is a big difference between bookmakers and exchanges, and you need to be familiar with these concepts. Familiarize yourself with betting terminology and decide which format is right for you. Before you bet, compare the odds on different sites.

Money management

Betting may be addictive, which is a very typical issue. As a result, be certain that all of your transactions and bets are conscious and that you are aware of all of the repercussions. Only bet with money you can afford to lose since you might lose it all. Managing your bankroll will not only allow you to place bets more consistently, but it will also allow you to optimize your gains.

10Cric promotions

10Cric Cricket Bonus offers many bonuses to Indian gamblers and players on their website. You even could have a few free bets. Here are a few examples:

10cric Cricket Bonus Definition
10CRIC Welcome Bonus 150% first deposit match bonus of up to ₹30,000 and a ₹500 free bet gift
Weekly Sports Bonus Claim 30% or up to ₹3,000 weekly bonus
Bitcoin Welcome Offer Get up to mBTC 30, bonus for any sports, and odds of 1.60 and above.

In most cases, it is enough just to use a bonus code and comply with the terms of the bonus to activate a bonus.

Mobile Cricket Betting on 10Cric

Many people nowadays prefer phones to computers. As a result, customers place a premium on mobility in all aspects of their lives, including bidding programs. Every user’s ambition is to be able to access bids at any time, on any device, whenever it is convenient for them. This need is met with the 10 Cric mobile app. 10 Cric may be accessed via their mobile-optimized website or mobile app.

The software is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. It boasts a clean and user-friendly interface that appeals to gamers and is simple to use.

The 10cric cricket betting app puts a fascinating world of gaming and betting at your fingertips, with round-the-clock customer support that answers any difficulties swiftly and effectively. You can find the link to the app under the label “10cric cricket betting app download” on the 10cric site.

Withdraw and Deposit on 10Cric

Do you know that you can bet on cricket with Rupees? The feature of cricket betting 10 Cric is a straightforward deposit process that uses safe deposit options. You only need to provide all of the relevant information and select a payment option. We have compiled a list of ten deposit options for 10 Cric India in Rupees:

  • Net Banking & UPI
  • IMPS Bank Transfer
  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Astropay
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Ecopayz
  • Bitcoin
  • Cash Collect (available only for players residing in Bangalore).

Deposits are simple to make owing to a variety of alternatives. You may also use bitcoin to deposit 10 Cric cricket betting, which is quite simple in this day and age when cryptocurrency is so prevalent. When you make a deposit, the money appears in your account immediately, allowing players to place bets right away.

When depositing funds into a 10 Cric account, no identifying documents are required, which appeals to those concerned about their privacy. The minimum and maximum 10 Cric deposits are determined by the payment method used. Users can only make a deposit with a debit or credit card registered in their name for security reasons.

How to Deposit Funds on a 10Cric Account?

One of the bookmaker’s appealing features is its deposit method. Our method is quite rapid and supports numerous platforms on this site. To make a 10 cric deposit, follow these simple steps.

  • Register for a 10 Cric account
  • Visit
  • Login up for a new account or sign in to an existing one
  • At the top of the page, press the deposit button
  • Choose the mode of payment that is most convenient for you
  • Enter the deposit amount
  • Enter your payment information
  • Pay with the method you selected
  • Check to see whether the money you deposited has been credited to your game wallet

How to Withdraw Money From the 10Cric Account?

Indian customers must present identity papers in order to withdraw money from their 10 Cric accounts. The withdrawal processing time, as well as the minimum and maximum withdrawals, are all determined by the payment method utilized in cricket betting 10 Cric. Withdrawals must also be completed using the same payment method used to make the deposit.

Click the ‘Withdrawal’ option to withdraw 10 Cric from your bidding account. You will then be required to supply the following information (data may vary based on the method chosen):

  • Account number
  • Copy of your passport or driver’s license to prove your identification
  • Amount of withdrawal (maximum EUR 20,000.00 or currency equivalent for any month)

The minimum withdrawal amount and processing time will be determined by the payment option you select.

10Cric live betting


10 Cric is a fantastic site for both casino games and sports betting. He consistently exceeds the players’ expectations. There are high-quality games, a variety of sports and сricket betting events, live casinos, card games, slots, blackjack, and fantastic incentives to further motivate and encourage participants. You now have a better understanding of cricket betting after reading this article, so you can decide whether or not to participate. As usual, you should be aware that all gaming has some level of risk. Please gamble responsibly and consider the risks and repercussions before wagering. We hope you enjoy betting on this site and find our advice and information useful.

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