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10Cric Cricket Betting in India

Cricket is a popular sport that you can play, watch, and even bet on. Cricket is ingrained in every Indian’s veins; this sport is enjoyed by all ages, from youngsters to the elderly. So, if you enjoy cricket and want to make money from it, this post is for you. We will provide helpful hints for understanding the rates and everything associated with them. On the market, there are several online cricket platforms, one of which – cricket betting 10cric – is discussed in this article. Cricket gambling 10cric will allow you to not only have fun but also make money from your favorite hobby.

Cricket Betting on 10Cric

10 CRIC is a renowned European bookmaker that has been on the market with its products for bookies and casinos since 2013. 10 Cric will launch a specific project for Indian players by the end of 2017. Despite the fact that 10 Cric is relatively young and has not been on the market as long as other firms, it has become a symbol of trust and a pleasant bet experience for Indian gamers.

10Cric Cricket Sports Betting in India

Indian customers desire and need quick and dependable payment options, which 10 CRIC offers. Another key feature of 10cric live betting cricket is the ability to wager in rupees. This implies that consumers do not need to be concerned about changing currencies or seeing a fall in winnings or an increase in losses as a result of currency changes.

10CRIC India is one of the most cost-effective online cricket bet sites. And this is due to the fact that the minimum scoop here is really little. You may gamble on a cricket match with a minimum wager of 5 rupees. More than 20 distinct betting possibilities are available to players. Do you want to know how to play cricket betting in 10cric cricket app? Keep on reading.

10Cric main page

Types Of Cricket and Types Of Cricket Betting

At the international level, cricket is played in three formats:

  • Test matches
  • One-Day Internationals
  • Twenty20 Internationals

The International Cricket Council, which also provides match officials, approves the rules and regulations for these matches.

How to Bet on Cricket Online Casino Games on 10Cric ?

There are many different types of bets on cricket all of which are available on 10 cric. This should come as no surprise considering that cricket is a complicated sport with numerous variables and factors influencing outcomes. As a result, there are several forms of cricket bets. We will not discuss each one, but simply the most recent. So, what are the most common sorts of betting on this fascinating sport?

  • Bet on a match. Simply attempt to predict which of the two teams will win which match. This is one of the most regular and popular cricket bets on 10cric. Because this is the simplest kind. Of course, gambling on an outsider and winning gives you the highest value. It should be noted that a tie is a typical occurrence in test matches. So, our advice is to visit the bet site to find out what will happen to your wager in the event of a tie.
  • Bet on a tie. It lends itself to an ambiguous name. You may wonder why. This is because there is a distinction between a draw and a tie in test matches. Ties are extremely unusual; draws are quite common. This is also known as a “draw bet.”
  • Double chance. You’ve got two chances. In this situation, you’re gambling on either a team win or a tie.
  • Series champion. It is rather typical for two cricket teams to participate in a series of matches (say, three or five games) rather than in a single contest. Of course, you may bet on any of the individual matches, but you can also wager on the overall winner of the series.
  • The obvious winner. This is a future wager on the winner of a competition, such as the Cricket World Cup or the World Twenty20. The earlier you enter the competition, the more you may win.

10Cric Cricket Odds: 3 Main Types Of Sports Betting

Before you take action, the best plan is to thoroughly comprehend what you are getting into. If you want to wager on cricket, you should be aware that there are cricket betting odds. Cricket betting odds are decimal figures computed by sports experts and published next to teams competing in a 10 CRIC match. There is a widespread misconception that the prospects afforded by cricket differ significantly from those offered by any other athletic event. This notion, however, is incorrect.

There are various methods for expressing coefficients, and not every operator chooses the same one. Let’s look at the several sorts that are offered in the general bet industry. Most of you have undoubtedly heard of them. Sportsbooks typically provide three sorts of odds. It is, in fact, money strings, both decimal and fractional. We will offer a brief description of each species in this section.

  • Moneylines are sometimes known as American odds. These are the odds that most American bookies utilize, as you might expect. Moneylines are written in +120 or -80 format by sportsbooks. Moneylines are written in terms of $ / £ / € 100 by sportsbooks. If you see Moneyline with a negative, it suggests that this is a chance for a favorite. When you see a money line with a plus sign, you are looking at the odds of an outsider.
  • Decimal odds is a scheme that is widely utilized in continental Europe and other parts of the European continent. They are written by bookmakers in terms of the stake of $ / £ / € 1.
  • Fractional chances are favored in the United Kingdom and Ireland. They are also known as British odds, conventional odds, and British odds. Bookmakers write this kind as a bet $ / £ / € 1, much like the decimal method.

IPL Betting

The Indian Premier League is the T20 cricket equivalent of the Holy Grail. The countdown to the start of the 2018 IPL season has begun, and participants are already planning their bet strategy. The Indian Premier League is one of the world’s most popular sporting competitions. A large sum of money is at risk for each IPL match in India. As a result, if 10 Cric India IPL prices are to satisfy Indian clients, they must fulfill very high requirements. The list of markets available for IPL betting is extensive, and it is frequently feasible to take advantage of the improved odds. This is why bets on 10cric Cricket India are so popular in India.

Bonuses are frequently given for big annual competitions, thus there is no doubt that 10 Cric India IPL bets satisfy the top standards required by Indian sports fans.

IPL Odds

Odds on the IPL 2023 winner gambling market are available on the bet sites. The Gujarat Titans are currently the favorites with odds of 6.50 on Betway to win the IPL 2023. In the final game, the Gujarat Titans met the Rajasthan Royals. RR has a 7.50 chance of winning the trophy.

The Mumbai Indians have a 7.00 chance of winning the IPL 2023. RKB also seems to have struck the right balance, now leading the Faf du Plessis. RCB has a 7.50 chance of getting the trophy next year.

Delhi Capitals took off from the IPL 2023 playoffs. They have odds of 8.00 on Betway.

10Cric Cricket Betting Tips

Responsible Betting is when you know what you should do and are ready for any consequences. But to maximum avoid bad consequences you know some tips and hints for cricket gambling and obviously follow 10cric cricket betting rules. Oh, you don’t know? So now is the perfect time to find it out! Cricket betting tips are widely available on the Internet. They do not always work, sometimes they appear apparent, and some people ignore them. However, when it comes to gambling, one or two suggestions might come in helpful from time to time.

Prepare a Strategy

In every deal, having a strategy is already half the battle. When dealing with online betting, a well-planned strategy is always required. Have a concept of what bets you want to place, what odds you think are reasonable, and how much you want to win.


Before investing in a match, make sure you know all the ins and outs of the match. Learn about the team, locations, players, and the general history of the parties. There is almost no end to the study, so it would be healthy to be on par with the current form of the players and the current series of the team, as well as things like field conditions and weather.

Choose Bookmakers and Exchanges

There is a big difference between bookmakers and exchanges, and you need to be familiar with these concepts. Familiarize yourself with betting terminology and decide which format is right for you. Before you bet, compare the odds on different sites.

Money management

Betting may be addictive, which is a very typical issue. As a result, be certain that all of your transactions and bets are conscious and that you are aware of all of the repercussions. Only bet with money you can afford to lose since you might lose it all. Managing your bankroll will not only allow you to place bets more consistently, but it will also allow you to optimize your gains.

10Cric promotions

10Cric Cricket Bonus offers many bonuses to Indian gamblers and players on their website. You even could have a few free bets. Here are a few examples:

10cric Cricket Bonus Definition
10CRIC Welcome Bonus 150% first deposit match bonus of up to ₹30,000 and a ₹500 free bet gift
Weekly Sports Bonus Claim 30% or up to ₹3,000 weekly bonus
Bitcoin Welcome Offer Get up to mBTC 30, bonus for any sports, and odds of 1.60 and above.

In most cases, it is enough just to use a bonus code and comply with the terms of the bonus to activate a bonus.

Mobile Cricket Betting on 10Cric

Many people nowadays prefer phones to computers. As a result, customers place a premium on mobility in all aspects of their lives, including bidding programs. Every user’s ambition is to be able to access bids at any time, on any device, whenever it is convenient for them. This need is met with the 10 Cric mobile app. 10 Cric may be accessed via their mobile-optimized website or mobile app.

The software is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. It boasts a clean and user-friendly interface that appeals to gamers and is simple to use.

The 10cric cricket betting app puts a fascinating world of gaming and betting at your fingertips, with round-the-clock customer support that answers any difficulties swiftly and effectively. You can find the link to the app under the label “10cric cricket betting app download” on the 10cric site.

Withdraw and Deposit on 10Cric

Do you know that you can bet on cricket with Rupees? The feature of cricket betting 10 Cric is a straightforward deposit process that uses safe deposit options. You only need to provide all of the relevant information and select a payment option. We have compiled a list of ten deposit options for 10 Cric India in Rupees:

  • Net Banking & UPI
  • IMPS Bank Transfer
  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Astropay
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Ecopayz
  • Bitcoin
  • Cash Collect (available only for players residing in Bangalore).

Deposits are simple to make owing to a variety of alternatives. You may also use bitcoin to deposit 10 Cric cricket betting, which is quite simple in this day and age when cryptocurrency is so prevalent. When you make a deposit, the money appears in your account immediately, allowing players to place bets right away.

When depositing funds into a 10 Cric account, no identifying documents are required, which appeals to those concerned about their privacy. The minimum and maximum 10 Cric deposits are determined by the payment method used. Users can only make a deposit with a debit or credit card registered in their name for security reasons.

How to Deposit Funds on a 10Cric Account?

One of the bookmaker’s appealing features is its deposit method. Our method is quite rapid and supports numerous platforms on this site. To make a 10 cric deposit, follow these simple steps.

  • Register for a 10 Cric account
  • Visit
  • Login up for a new account or sign in to an existing one
  • At the top of the page, press the deposit button
  • Choose the mode of payment that is most convenient for you
  • Enter the deposit amount
  • Enter your payment information
  • Pay with the method you selected
  • Check to see whether the money you deposited has been credited to your game wallet

How to Withdraw Money From the 10Cric Account?

Indian customers must present identity papers in order to withdraw money from their 10 Cric accounts. The withdrawal processing time, as well as the minimum and maximum withdrawals, are all determined by the payment method utilized in cricket betting 10 Cric. Withdrawals must also be completed using the same payment method used to make the deposit.

Click the ‘Withdrawal’ option to withdraw 10 Cric from your bidding account. You will then be required to supply the following information (data may vary based on the method chosen):

  • Account number
  • Copy of your passport or driver’s license to prove your identification
  • Amount of withdrawal (maximum EUR 20,000.00 or currency equivalent for any month)

The minimum withdrawal amount and processing time will be determined by the payment option you select.

10Cric live betting


10 Cric is a fantastic site for both casino games and sports betting. He consistently exceeds the players’ expectations. There are high-quality games, a variety of sports and сricket betting events, live casinos, card games, slots, blackjack, and fantastic incentives to further motivate and encourage participants. You now have a better understanding of cricket betting after reading this article, so you can decide whether or not to participate. As usual, you should be aware that all gaming has some level of risk. Please gamble responsibly and consider the risks and repercussions before wagering. We hope you enjoy betting on this site and find our advice and information useful.

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10cric Welcome Bonus  

If you are an inquisitive person who is looking for development and does not like to be bored, then most likely you have already heard about sports, games, and betting. Many people hesitate for a long time to study these topics too much because it involves risk directly. But since these types of entertainment are gaining popularity, and often bring income, more and more people decide to try their hand at it. First of all, we will be talking about the 10cric welcome bonus. But let’s get briefly acquainted with the 10cric brand.

Like all other similar interfaces, the 10Cric site is nothing more than a virtual platform used to provide users with the features found in the main system, also known as the full version. Therefore, it should contain all the markets, games, promos, and at least all the other basics. The convenience of using a phone is more to my liking these days, and you’ll rarely find someone betting on a computer. The 10Cric Mobil concept, which is also used by other companies, only improves their approach to delivery, making everything simpler and more streamlined. In addition, it is more user-friendly and exhibits higher processing power than other portals, which is countered by the superior performance of 10Cric applications for light tasks.

What Is 10cric?

10cric is one of the first leading sports betting brands in India. This brand holds over 2,000 different events for sports betting, gaming betting as well as casino betting.

The 10cric page is very well designed and makes it quick and easy to find game options that players want to bet on. What game options does the 10cric have:

Sports Betting on 10cric

The 10cric offer has many different sports on which it will be possible to bet, such as soccer, basketball, boxing, tennis, rugby, cricket, cycling, table tennis, and golf. As well as such famous championships as the Indian Premier League (IPL), the Cricket World Cup, soccer from the English Premier League and from around the world, the French Open at Roland Garros, Wimbledon, the NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup playoffs, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Any sports fan can find a betting category according to their hobby and try their luck. In addition, they are constantly updated on the betting page, where you can follow sports events in real-time.

10Cric bonus

Online Slots on 10cric

It offers about 111 online slots, such as blackjack, roulette, poker, pontoon, and baccarat. Including about 23 jackpot slots – Mega Moolah, Mr. Vegas, Major Millions, Mega Moolah ISIS, and Cosmic Fortune.

The program offers a 10cric casino welcome bonus, which comes with rules, but more on that later. Need to get 10cric welcome bonus code India. Follow the welcome bonus rules. Then it will be possible to access 10cric bonus withdrawal.

Live Casino on 10cric

Welcome to the casino! This is a platform with various live casino games such as Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, Live Casino Hold’em, and Dream Catcher. You can try this.

This year the platform has seen a significant rise in the number of players from India as the youth and other up-and-comings look to find some meaning in the industry. This activity faces a lot of resistance from local morality fighters, but some of them still succeed. This applies to using the 10Cric app to access speculative venues such as casinos.

Our main problem is not the loss, but the lack of reliable providers, as some have disappointed the players by deceiving us. Thankfully, the 10Cric mobile app and other bookmakers have promised to put an end to this vice. That’s why this firm has partnered with leading software companies such as Microgaming, Evolution, and iSOFTBET to provide safe, fair, and simple casino games.

Creating an Account on 10Cric to Get Casino Welcome Bonus

To register for 10cric is, first of all, to visit the main page and find the “Join Now” button in the center. And then you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Enter your data surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, and e-mail
  • Enter the address and phone number, country of residence
  • Username and password

That’s all. If you are over 18, you will receive an account. It is important to know that the 10cric platform offers such privileges as a minimum deposit and the possibility of free bets. Plus, there are competitive odds. There are also virtual sports and special offers.

All About 10Cric Welcome Casino Bonus and Deposit Bonus

To attract new users, and to give encouragement to those who have already joined, 10cric customers expect welcome offers and rewards, this includes regular rewards open to all, and other special welcome bonuses. Once you meet their minimum wagering requirements and follow the appropriate rules, your welcome bonuses will be credited instantly. Use 10cric bonus code today like these:

You can use the bonus code for 10cric 10CRIC to get the following welcome offers:

  • Sports Welcome Bonus 150% up to 30,000 ₹ + free bet 500 ₹
  • Sports (Bitcoin) 100% up to 30 mBTC and 5 mBTC free bet
  • Casino Up to 70,000 won + up to 5,000 won in free bets
  • Casino (Bitcoin) Package up to mBTC 300 + 150 free spins
  • Live Casino 150% up to ₹20,000

Use them and you can enjoy the corresponding 10cric welcome offers that are available. For sports bettors, this means a 150% first deposit reward of up to Rs 30,000 and a free bet gift of Rs 500, and for casino players, this reward increases to Rs 75,000!

Instructions for Activating and Using the Minimum Deposit Bonus on 10cric

Everything is very simple here:

  • Create a free account
  • Make a minimum deposit with a 10cric casino bonus code
  • Claim a £1,500 reward and wager a total of £2,500, then receive a £500 free bet gift

Now you can place bets from your mobile device on both sports sections and bookmakers. If you know how to predict and count money, then you have every chance of winning.

What Other Bonuses Does 10cric Offer?

Here is the full list of other rewards available on 10Cric:

  • Exclusive Bonus: 150% up to ₹7,500 when using 10cric bonus code India: SPORTS BETTING
  • Bookmaker: 100% deposit offer (up to ₹10,000) when using code: BOSSWELCOME
  • Bitcoin Sports Welcome: 100% deposit bonus (up to 30 mBTC) using code: BTCRIC
  • Casino: three welcome 10cric casino bonuses (up to ₹70,000); the division looks like this:
  • 100% match of the first deposit (up to 20,000 1 ₹); Code: BOSSPLAYXNUMX
  • 75% deposit match on the first deposit (up to ₹25,000); Code: BOSSPLAYXNUMX
  • 50% deposit match on the first deposit (up to ₹25,000); Code: BOSSPLAYXNUMX
  • Live Casino: 150% deposit reward (up to ₹20,000) using code CRICLIVE
  • Bitcoin Casino Welcome: three welcome rewards (up to 30 mBTC); the division looks like this:
  • 100% deposit match for the first deposit (up to 50 mBTC); Code: BITPLAY1
  • 75% deposit match for the first deposit (up to 100 mBTC); Code: BITPLAY2
  • 50% deposit match for the first deposit (up to 150 mBTC); Code: BITPLAY3

Welcome Bonus Policy

You can also access the following rewards in the 10Cric app. There is a Boss offer available to new players in sports, a Boss triple casino, and a live casino 1st deposit offer of Rs 20,000.

  • IPL program
  • Jackpot IPL Rs 50,000
  • Diving for the test
  • Weekly Game Changer Rewards
  • Cashbacks
  • Free bets on ace tennis
  • Double deposits made with Astropay
  • Refunds for slots

Pros and Cons of Welcome Rewards

The pros of the welcome reward policy are obvious. It is a good welcome incentive for new customers, initial capital for a small start, live traffic, and interest in the game. But we should also talk about the minuses of such a welcome program. They can include a small percentage of chances to match, and inflated expectations for the real cases of additional rewards. Despite this, these facts will not prevent your activity, especially if you have a clear tactic of your actions.

Payment Methods on 10cric

In order to ensure the reliable operation of the bank, you need to fill out your profile with reliable information. Specify payment information, while using legal tender. The 10Cric app makes banking easier and safer because the platform is secure. Data encryption is also provided, and a quick response to user requests speeds up the process. Some of 10Cric’s popular banking methods are:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • EcoPayz
  • Bitcoin

This type of activity and occupation involves monetary investment. And where there are monetary investments and a chance to increase them, there is excitement. Therefore, all processes are controlled at the state level. Moreover, the amounts of investments and winnings can be very large, and to avoid misunderstandings, it’s recommended to always follow the 10cric bonus rules and policies of such brands. Use only legitimate payment methods and do not try to conduct illegal or fraudulent activities.

10Cric Welcome Bonus


If you thought for a long time, but still decided to join sports betting online games and casinos, then we advise you to study all the useful information first. Find an opportunity to consult with real 10cric users who have at least a little experience in betting. Then follow all our recommendations that you have read. This will make your start safe and add nice rewards.

Well, in the future, we recommend that you always control your investments, because only you know your capabilities. And in order for these entertainments to bring only positive emotions, you need not get carried away with excitement and do not forget about real life and sports, which are so useful for your physical health.

The high rate of increase in the popularity of such platforms shows great interest from users. Therefore, applications undergo constant updates and improvements that meet modern requirements. Follow our information and offers.


How to use 10cric welcome bonus?

The 10cric casino reward is divided into three deposit rewards. On your first deposit, you can get 100% up to ₹20,000 with a ₹1,000 free bet thrown in for good measure. Your second deposit gets 75% up to £75,000 plus £2,000 in free bets, and finally, your third deposit earns a 50% cashback up to £25,000 plus £2,000 in free bets.

Can I use registration if I have already created an account?

If you already have an account, you can use registration by fulfilling the necessary conditions for this.

Can I receive the welcome bonus twice?

The opportunity to receive a welcome reward is given once. Consider options for other rewards and rewards.

If I have problems with bonuses, where should I write?

There are several ways to contact support. Representatives are sometimes accused of being slow to respond and taking too long to resolve player claims. However, with the 10Cric app, you won't have to put in much effort. Just click on the email, chat, phone, or WhatsApp icon to contact us. Does 10CRIC have dedicated apps for iOS and Android users? Yes, there are exclusive platforms for each of these versions. Despite their superficial similarity, the backend is configured to integrate only with a specific OS technology.

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10cric Registration

If you love gambling, there is no better place to hang out and enjoy some bets. After clients have completed their 10 cric registration, they can start smiling, because the entertainment begins. All new customers are more than welcome to complete registration at a platform. Why go anywhere else when you have all the sports betting you could ever dream of under one roof. Did you know that clients have the opportunity to finish registration and gamble on over 60 different sports to win real money? There is also the chance for users to make over 2,000 types of bets; what more do you desire?

Why Should I Join 10cric?

Another reason why it is a great idea to complete registration at 10cric online is that they offer excellent promotions, live betting options, and mobile availability. When it comes to sports betting after registration, you are looking at a real leader in the field. Punters that enjoy the thrill and adrenaline which comes when you bet will love the site. The 10cric registration form should be complete so users can get on with the fun stuff. 10cric was established by operator Chancier B.V which is a company licensed by Curacao.

What makes the 10cric worth your time is that there are over 50,000 betting options per week after you complete registration. As it caters to many Indian gamblers, cricket is a massive focus of the website. The IPL is gigantic in India and is featured on the platform regularly. Gamblers do not need to worry about payment options as there are plenty available after completing the 10cric Login. So all users should have options to make payments and deposit their funds to gamble. The safety aspect of the establishment is top-notch. Through our 10cric review, we will discover even more about the safety features.

10Cric main page

Registration Process at 10cric

Whenever new customers enter a new platform, there is always a little doubt about how things operate after registration. We aim to put all these issues to bed and assist newcomers to start betting. The first thing punters need to do is get familiar with the 10 cric registration process. So the list below sets out these rules and gives a step-by-step guide for all users.

  • Firstly, clients need to fill in 10cric cricket registration fields at the platform and click on the new member tab; it is in the top right-hand corner.
  • There is a form that must be completed with personal information. It includes name, email, and date of birth.
  • You must then send these details into the 10cric registration box.
  • Next is to complete which currency you prefer to use on the platform. All of this assists with the 10cric account verification.
  • Then users are requested to make a username and password. It gives access to the betting site to every client.
  • At this stage, clients can enter a 10cric promo code registration. Users can also choose their preferred bonus.
  • Then there are always the terms and conditions, which must be ticked for access to the online casino.
  • The final stage is to complete the 10cric India Registration by creating a new account tab.

As you can see, the registration process is pretty straightforward and harmless. Then they can start depositing money and having fun. What makes the 10 cric registration so easy and fast is the smooth interface and navigation. Gamblers will understand precisely what is required so they can check out the betting markets. Once users are on 10cric they will not want to go anywhere else. The 10cric company makes sure it satisfies every visitor’s appetite for gambling.

How to Join 10cric on Desktop?

Registration is a simple process that will not take gamblers long to complete. Because online betting is such a huge business, it is worth connecting to the 10cric sign up. How do gamblers make it leap at 10cric? All that is required is for visitors to read all the terms and conditions of the platform before completing the registration steps. Once this is done, they should enter their name, birth date, and email address. It is also essential to add a mobile phone number, a username, and, finally, a password. Once the registration procedure is complete, you can start their entertainment with online casino games.

Another fantastic thing about completing a registration and playing through the desktop is the site’s ease. Users will have full access to everything 10cric offers, including the live betting options. After signing up on 10cric, clients will be able to view gambling products and enjoy their time on the cricket betting line. One of the main features users will have when they use the desktop version is the full HD quality. Gamblers love to have these added benefits when gambling after registration. All casino games are much better when they are presented in HD.

10Cric create account

How To Join 10cric On Mobile?

Nowadays, there is more demand for convenience and freedom in registration and gambling. By researching for our 10cric review India, we have seen the desire for lots of gamblers to have flexibility while online. So therefore, mobile play has grown in popularity over the last decade. For a good reason, punters want to be entertained on the move wherever they need to go. If they’re going to gamble in a shopping center, they now have the ability. So we will now look into how to join 10cric India through mobile.

Like the desktop version, gamblers will have no issues completing registration at 10cric company through their mobile device. There are lots of choices available for gamblers too, which is excellent news for everyone. There are so many Indian bettors out there who enjoy making huge bets, so such a type of platform suits their needs. Now on how to join a 10cric game through a mobile device. Clients will have the opportunity to pick from two mobile betting apps. Users can enjoy them via their Android or iOS devices. So the first thing users are required to do is download the application.

Clients then need to install the app then launch the application. Once launched, it should work perfectly well. The live casino can be used, which always pleases gamblers. The next stage is that punters need to click on the Join tab. Add their details similar to the desktop version. So there will be a need to enter your name, date of birth, email address, and contact number. Once all the data is input into the system, users can click on the create account tab, and then the 10cric create account is ready.

Guide on Verifying You 10cric Account

When it comes to verifying an account with 10cric verification after registration, there are some things users need to think about. Do not worry, as it is a simple procedure, and once complete, punters will have full access to everything the website has on offer. So the list below goes through every step required for gamers before getting started with one of the best betting sites.

  • Age. Verification is a must for all users of the platform. The way the gambling establishment deals with it is to request that all newcomers need to upload and present a photo. The photo ID must show the user’s date of birth, such as a passport, driving license, or residence certificate.
  • Address. It is essential for this platform to understand where each client lives. So for this, clients must present a utility bill, bank statement, phone bill, or council tax bill. Any of these satisfies the 10cric document verification procedure.
  • It is essential that all photos are clear with no obstructions. It should be similar to passport rules. Once all the relevant images have been sent, they will be checked.

Once all these steps have been completed, customers can access the betting platform. These steps make sure that all users are who they say they are. All Indian players who register should know that there are no fake accounts. Because of all these stages, it gives users peace of mind while gambling online. This is why the 10cric registration process is so strong. It leaves the website secure, meaning gamblers can get on with the thing they love, which is having fun online. Entertainment on the platform is what every user signs up for. Because of such a verification procedure, Indian gamblers will have peace of mind.

10Cric Welcome Bonus

About 10cric Sign-Up Bonus

This is the section that every true gambler loves to read after registration. Bonuses make everyone smile, and there is plenty to get your teeth into at this establishment. The signup bonus is the first thing that punters meet when they enter. Customers will be eligible for the signup bonus after making their first deposit:

  • Through our 10cric review India we have discovered users will need to add IPLWELCOME in the form where the bonus code is required.
  • The lowest deposit possible is 1,000 Rupees. Those clients that decide to deposit over 10,000 will be able to get a 10% bonus extra.
  • All of the promotion amount after registration will be put into the client’s account in the first 24 hours of adding the 10cric registration promo codes.
  • This highest amount in bonus rewards can be 2,000. Clients must remember that the deposit and bonus amount must be wagered at least 12 times, with the lowest odds of 1.6 for cashouts.
  • Also, all the rollover rules must be met within 90 days of taking the welcome bonus.
  • The bonus is 150% of the amount deposited, with the most available being 30,000 Indian rupees.

Overall a brilliant deal that clients should take advantage of when they hit the platform. As you can see, a deposit bonus such as this gives every user a great start to life at the 10cric platform.

Possible Problems With 10cric Registration

There could be some slight issues that arise when clients try to complete registration at 10cric. Our job with this review is to make sure we have the answers for every user. Many clients can get scared off when things do not go exactly how they think they should do registration. So this is why we want to make sure every user feels confident when dealing with all issues. So below is a list of possible problems that can occur.

  • Users that do not add the correct details with the correct spelling will have an issue during registration. So clients must take their time when completing the personal details form. By making sure all spellings are accurate, users will be able to access the site securely and smoothly.
  • The new account procedure during registration can also bring trouble when gamblers do not send in the correct ID documents. When this happens, the site’s staff will not give consent for an account. To avoid this mishap, punters should read the list of documents required carefully.
  • Some clients have issues when not using the promo code when prompted during registration. Users that do this will not get any bonus or sign-up deal. To make sure this doesn’t happen, clients should always enter the 10cric registration bonus promo code when prompted.

As you can see, if any of these problems occur, they can easily be remedied for successful registration. Anytime there are bonus codes involved in a gambling platform, mistakes can happen. Before taking on any promotional offer, clients must read all the terms and conditions carefully. Because everyone on the site uses a 10cric customer care number, the staff can help out all clients fast and efficiently if needed. As far as the betting app goes, users can use all these tips to solve all issues too.


How To Verify 10cric Account?

The easiest way gamblers can go through the registration process smoothly and get verified to read everything thoroughly. For registration 10cric, new users need to make sure they add photos of ID documents, such as passports, driving licenses, or residence certificates. It helps to verify the age of a gambler. The next is to send in utility bills for proof of address.

Is 10cric Safe?

Users that visit this platform can rest assured they are in safe hands. The website uses the latest in protection security, which ensures payments are secure for all clients. When clients ask 10cric is real or fake? The answer is simple; it is real. There are real bonuses with real gamblers getting entertained after registration.

Can I Delete My 10cric Account?

Yes, it is not difficult to stop your 10cric account from being active. Users will need to head to the account settings tab and click on delete account. This will prevent your account at 10cric from being active. If at a later date you decide to come back, it will have your details stored for easy, convenient access.

Can I Have Two Accounts?

No, it is not possible for clients to operate two accounts. This is because clients need to send in various pieces of ID to get the 10cric promo code registration verification. As one account is more than enough for gamblers, there should be no requirement for two. Users can take advantage of all the free bets available with one account.

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10Cric App Brief Overview

10Cric is a well-known Indian bookmaker that also proffers a mobile applet for more comfortable wagering on the go. The 10Cric app is interoperable on both Android-based and iOS gadgets. The mobi application has all the options provided on the desktop computer. The application supports wagering on sports, a casino in live mode option, video automatons, and table games. By using it, you will get:

  • An extensive set of sports and markets;
  • Competitive odds;
  • Safe and quality parlaying;
  • 24/7 support service.

Downloading the 10Cric Android Mobile Applet

10Cric bookie has created a mobile applet for Android-based gadget’s owners. The app is created especially for those who use phones and Android-based tablets. It’s not difficult to download the 10Cric app for Android-based gadgets. You only need to adhere to some simple steps:

  • Open the bookmaker’s official site.
  • Apply the navigation menu to skip to the “Download App” section. An appropriate button can be found there.
  • Apply this button to start the procedure and get the applet on your mobile gadget.
  • As soon as an apk file is downloaded, start installing it on your Android-based gadget.

10Cric main page

Installing the 10Cric Apk File on Android

As soon as a mobi app is downloaded on your phone, you need five more minutes to setup it. Stick to the next stages to get the applet on your gadget:

  • Before you start installing the 10Cric apk file on your mobile gadget, ascertain you allow your smartphone to install apps outside Google Play Store.
  • To do this, skip to the Settings section and then go to Protection Settings. Find the “Unknown Sources” give permission to use them. After that, you will be able to install the applet outside Google Play.
  • The next step is to click on the applet and wait for its installation. The whole process will be finished within several seconds.
  • Now, you have an app on your Android-based gadget, and you can use it.

10Cric App for Android Advantages

The algorithm of getting the 10Cric app for Android gadgets is uncomplicated, as you can see. By setting up a mobi app on your phone or tablet, you will get plenty of parlaying possibilities. The bookmaker offers 30 sports and 2,000 various bet types. Those who prefer casino gaming can choose out of 1,300 casino games presented in the 10Cric online casino section. Moreover, live wagering and live casino are at the mobile players’ disposal. So, download the applet and set it up on your Android-based phone or tablet, and start savoring the parlaying opportunities the 10Cric bookie provides.

Downloading the 10Cric Mobi Applet for iOS

This bookie also proffers a mobi applet suitable for iOS gadgets. The iOS mobi applet looks exactly the same as the applet for Android-based gadgets. To download the applet for iOS-based gadgets, adhere to the following steps:

  • Open the bookmaker’s site with the help of your iOS-based device.
  • Click on the Navigation panel that is on the left. The download applet section is located there. Apply it.
  • As soon as you apply the button, you will be redirected to a new page. You can initiate downloading the applet for iOS-based gadgets from there.

Installing the 10Cric Mobi Applet on iOS

As soon as the applet for iOS-based gadgets is downloaded, proceed to the next step. Now, you need to install the application on your iOS-based gadget. The procedure is uncomplicated and requires some simple steps:

  • As soon as the application is downloaded, open the notification for not authorized enterprise developers. Click on the “Settings”- “General.”
  • Then open the “Device Control” tab.
  • Select the corporate application and affirm that the app is trustful, and you want to install it.
  • Wait a little bit until the app is installed and start using it.

10Cric App for iPhone Advantages

Parlaying on the move with the help of your iOS gadget is handy. By setting the 10Cric app for iPhone, you will get the same functionality you have on the computer version of the bookie’s website. You can savor a live casino, play your favorite automatons, or parlay on different sport matches. You won’t be dependent on your location anymore and will be able to parlay from any place you are. Ascertain that your mobile Internet is stable and start enjoying the 10Cric gambling possibilities on the go.

10Cric Applet Functionality

What functionality will the players have if they set up the 10Cric mobi applet? Actually, you will have all the functions accessible for 10Cric users on their computers. Mobi application is more convenient in comparison with the computer version. It gives you the possibility to place wagers from any place you are. By installing the app, you will get the following options:

  1. Sports Parlaying. 10Cric proffers excellent sports parlaying options. You can also place bets on matches while they are being played. The mobile app is a great way to place wagers on the go from any location you are.
  2. Online Casino. You can play numerous slot automatons on your mobile gadget. Table games like poker and baccarat are also at 10Cric applet owners’ disposal.
  3. Live Casino. 10Cric proffers a live casino option to its clients accessible on the mobi app. Using the mobile applet, you will be able to play live roulette, live blackjack, and so on.

Promotional Offers Presented on 10Cric

The bookie gives a great welcome bonus to newbies who have signed up on the site and deposited the account. You need to replenish your gaming account with INR 1,000 at least to get a welcome freebie. You also need to inscribe a “WELCOME” word into the field “Bonus Code” when replenishing your account. A 10Cric welcome incentive is a 100% match-deposit bonus of up to INR 10,000. Moreover, all newbies will also get 20 Free Spins on The King slot machine.

There are also freebies and incentives for the casino and the live casino all new players can get. Skip to the site’s homepage to see what bonuses and incentives are currently presented on the site.

10Cric app

10Cric Depositing and Withdrawal Process

To start placing the bets on 10Cric, you need to replenish your gaming account. The deposit procedure consists of several steps:

  • Find a deposit tab on the site’s homepage.
  • Select a deposit method.
  • Inscribe the required details.
  • Select a bank to make a payment.

To withdraw money from your gaming account, you need to stick to the following algorithm:

  • Click on the right-corner tab on the site’s homepage. Then click on withdrawal.
  • Choose the method to withdraw money and inscribe the sum you’d like to get.
  • Simply click on IMPS for bank withdraws. Inscribe your name, bank details, and click on with.

The transactions on the app are the same as on the main website. The time of processing is also the same.

Support Service

10Cric has a friendly support service. Support service is embedded into the app, and its experts are always ready to provide you with qualified assistance. If something is unclear to you, feel free to contact the support service team. Just open a support ticket to get a response to your inquiry at short notice. Customer service is available 24/7.


10Cric has created a superb mobi applet suitable for both Android and iOS-based gadgets. 10Cric mobile app is easy downloadable, and it’s hassle-free to set it up. Besides, it’s free of cost. The app has the same options as the computer version, cool bonuses, and simple depositing and withdrawal process. Follow some simple instructions to download and set up the mobile applet and start enjoying wagering possibilities on the go!


What Sports Are Obtainable At 10Cric App?

The applet has all the sports the computer version has. 10Cric mainly caters to cricket fans. However, several other sports are at the players’ disposal too.

Is the Applet Suitable for Both IOS and Android-Based Gadgets?

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android-based gadgets. It’s easily downloadable, and it’s hassle-free to install it. Besides, it can be done absolutely free of cost. The mobile applet has the same functions the computer version has.

Is the 10Cric Applet Safe?

The applet is reliable and safe. Although the bookie is not well-known, it’s rated 4.7 on Trustpilot, which is very good.

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10Cric Login: Detailed Instructions for Newcomers

The 10 Cric online casino and sports betting platform is hugely encouraging for small and full-time Indian gamblers. That’s why its ranks grow, and the audience becomes vaster with each passing day. Generous bonuses and constantly updated promotions play a significant role in the site’s rapid development. Those interested in more arguments for the 10Cric app login should consider the list below:

  • Legitimate status and licensed business activity.
  • High-quality software implemented on the website.
  • Online casino with slots and table games.
  • Sports sections for cricket and other sports betting (virtual sports are onboard).
  • Multiple payout methods.
  • Fast withdrawals.

So, the 10Cric login app is a “must” for punters looking for a trustworthy all-in-one service with exciting features and options. The bookmaker welcomes Indian residents over 18 to savor safe and diverse gambling without ever leaving home.

10Cric main page

10Cric App Login Creation from A to Z: How to Get Started

The visitors can explore the site’s offers before creating a 10Cric app login. For this purpose, they should enter the home page and dive into the menu. The layout is intuitive, and all the links and buttons have relevant captions to understand where anything is. Unregistered users are eligible to explore the site. Still, the signup is required to access a full-fledged experience. That’s what the 10 Cric login creation looks like:

  • Visit the website and click a yellow button in the header on the right.
  • The pop-up application form appears instantly.
  • Fill out registration data fields (gender, real name, birth, residence, ZIP code, postal address, and mobile phone).
  • Click the button to confirm registration.
  • Verify your account via email.

It’s crucial to specify only valid and accurate information to enable seamless withdrawals and overall gambling. That’s why please check your form several times and edit it if necessary before sending data to a provider. Consider using a strong password to prevent your account’s hacking. Note that 10 Cric will ban your profile if it finds fake data or reveals a double account. Remember that the operator admits only residents of India to casino and sports betting on the site.

Account Creation on Mobile Devices

It’s possible to open an account and get a 10Cric login app directly from Android and iOS mobile gadgets. It will be valid for all electronic devices the users have, meaning laptops, PCs, tablets, etc. Suppose you have already joined the community on your computer. In that case, there is no need to create a 10 Cric mobile account separately. Just download the app and type in your login plus password to start betting.

More Crucial 10Cric Account Creation Details

It’s a breeze to get a 10Cric login app. Still, it’s necessary to shed light on some points:

  • Registration is completely free.
  • If you cannot access your account, check the input data’s correctness.
  • Disable VPN before getting started.
  • You can restore your password via email.
  • It’s possible to delete an account anytime by clicking the relevant button within your profile.

Those experiencing any other challenges with the 10 Cric account creation, operation, and use, should apply to the support services via email or phone number. Nevertheless, it would be better to enter the FAQ section first and look through the given information. Maybe, you’ll find a solution there.

10Cric create account

You’ve Got Your 10Cric Login App: What’s Next?

Once you have established your presence on the 10 Cric website, all its bells and whistles become available. A welcome bonus is the first thing you should claim. All the newcomers are eligible to get extra cash to their bonus account three times in a row! The bonus money comes to the casino players while free bets work for sports bettors. Further gambling experiences will be full of more exciting promotions. The winners access many payment methods to get actual money. All of them provide safe and private transactions.

Summing Up The 10Cric App Login

The 10 Cric gambling platform has already collected a vast audience regardless of being new in this industry. The signup and login simplicity play a far from the minor role. Legible, time-saving, and typical for all online casinos, the form has a reasonable number of fields. Of course, some novices may think that the bookmaker requires too much data. However, all the information you specify is necessary to keep your account safe and verify the identity when you withdraw your winnings.

10Cric app login is much more promising than some other bookmakers are. It opens the door to a whole universe of slots, casino games, and sports events. Clearly, cricket and kabaddi rock on the Indian market, but many other options are also on board.

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Everything You Need to Know About 10CRIC Casino

Indian players often look for online casinos that provide incredible service in all fields. A gambler wants to join a wager den that is not just the master of serving the best pokies but also offers fantastic bonuses. Now, you must be wondering which betting site can match your expectations. 10CRIC Casino is the answer! It is one of the best wager dens in India so far, and gamblers love this club for way too many reasons. It’s okay if you know nothing about them because we have got you covered. In this 10CRIC Casino review, our gambling experts have shared a lot of info about the betting house. Keep reading to find out!

History of the Betting House

10CRIC Casino was launched in the year 2019. It is a betting house where players can enjoy a gallery of games alongside fierce sports betting. The website has over 60 popular sports, and there are more than 50,000 weekly stakes placed on this club. 10CRIC serves the Indian punters who want to win huge. There are multiple languages available on the site so that you can play from any state without worrying about the language barrier. There is more that you need to know about this awesome wager den. Hence, without any delay, delve into the guide now!

Software and License Overview

The 10CRIC Casino is licensed under the company Yellow Ledbetter N.V. This firm operates under Curacao Gaming, which is considered a very highly esteemed licensing company. The payment facilities are not controlled by the Yellow Ledbetter N.V directly. Instead, another firm called BFS Bloom Freestyle Ltd. Controls all payment features. Moreover, the Casino works under safe licensing companies, and hence, you can rest assured about your safety when playing here!

Now, coming to gaming software, the betting house has an excellent website and app that haven’t disappointed the customers so far. Here, you will find popular titles offered by the world’s topmost game developers like Netent, Quickspin, Microgaming, Betsoft, Big Time Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Play’n GO, so on. Almost every gambler knows how fantastic slots these developers offer. The fun increases even more when you play the games on smooth software like that provided by 10CRIC. Not just the software, but we are also in love with their game selection. Read on to know more!

10Cric casino

10CRIC Live Casino and Slots Games Collection

The first thing that a gambler notices about a betting club is the collection of games because if that sucks, the players will hardly enjoy their presence on the site. But you will be happy to know that 10CRIC Casino is a place where you can find some of the best games to play. They have a vast collection of slots, and we are sure you will find one or more titles of your choice. Apart from slots, the 10CRIC Live Casino also has a great collection of Poker, Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack. There are more than enough varieties for each type of game. Thus, you can enjoy it all under one roof!

Some of the incredible slots to play at 10CRIC are as follows:

  • Mega MoolahStarburst
  • Book of Dead
  • Sushi Bar
  • After Night Falls
  • Mega Joker

The 10CRIC Live Casino games are usually developed by Evolution Gaming, AsiaGaming, and Gameplay Interactive. Some of the popular titles you can find under this category are:

  • Lightning Dice
  • Football Studio
  • Monopoly Live
  • Speed Auto Roulette
  • Dream Catcher

You can use the search filters of the site to find the games provided by your favorite developer. Wait no more; go and join the 10CRIC Casino today!

10CRIC Casino Pros and Cons Overview

Whenever presenting a casino review, we try our best to give the reader an unbiased opinion. Hence, we not just talk about the good points of a club but also like pointing out the factors that the gamblers despise. Similar to our previous reviews, here, too, we will be giving you a list of the 10CRIC Casino pros and cons. Have a look below to find out!


  • It offers a huge collection of games
  • Accepts Bitcoin as a mode of payment
  • Accepts INR
  • Provides lucrative bonuses
  • Works under a secured license company
  • Looks great on the mobile screen
  • Has a supportive customer service team
  • Treats every player with respect


  • The free mode is not present in a few games
  • There are fewer options of video pokers

It’s no more a surprise why the popularity of the 10CRIC Casino is increasing ever so fast. The site offers a large number of benefits. Comparatively, the disadvantages are fewer and can be ignored easily. So, if you want to enjoy a worthwhile gambling experience in India, then there can be no better option than the 10CRIC Casino!

10CRIC Casino Login Process

The 10CRIC Casino login process is pretty straightforward. You can either log in using your email address, phone number, or social media account. Once done, you will be asked to provide a username and password. After you are done providing these details, you must submit your KYC documents. The club will go through your papers and approve your profile if everything seems alright. You are allowed to make your first deposit only after your account gets verified by 10CRIC.

10Cric live casino

10CRIC Casino Bonus Offers

10CRIC Casino is widely known for offering the best bonuses in the Indian gambling market. Here, you are showered with a bucket full of welcome bonuses. But the special treatment doesn’t stop there as the site has special promotional rewards set for the rest of your gambling career. If you are looking for some enticing casino rewards, then read below to know why 10CRIC Casino bonuses are on fire!

Welcome Bonus

When you register at 10CRIC Casino for the first time, you get to enjoy a welcome bonus of 70,000 Rs. and 5,000 Rs—free Bets for the first three deposits you make. While making your first deposit, you can also use the code TOPPLAY1 to get a 100% match bonus extending up to 20,000 Rs. On the next two deposits, use TOPPLAY2 and TOPPLAY3 for a match bonus of 75% (up to 25,000 Rs.) and 50% (up to 25,000 Rs.). For the 10CRIC Live Casino, the welcome bonus is up to 20,000 Rs. To avail of this bonus, deposit 1,000 Rs. or more and use the code CRICLIVE. You will be able to cash out the winnings only if you reach the wagering requirements.

Andar Bahar Tuesday Rewards

If you enjoy playing the Andar Bahar card game, then this bonus will please you a lot. When you play and lose the game on Tuesdays, you are treated with a cashback of up to 4,000 Rs. You will have to make a minimum deposit of 2,000 Rs. so that 10CRIC can offer you a 5% cashback bonus.

Weekly Reload

The site updates a new bonus code every week. Use the code to receive a prize of 30% match bonus up to 10,000 Rs. Usually, the new code is available every Monday. The minimum deposit, in this case, is 1,000 Rs.

Live Casino Cashback on Mondays

Play any 10CRIC Live Casino game on a Monday, and on losing, get a cashback of 10% up to 4,000 Rs. To enjoy this 10CRIC Casino bonus, you will have to make a minimum deposit of 2,000 Rs.

Slot Cashback on Wednesdays

Gamblers love it when they get cashback on losing slot games. If you play slots at 10CRIC on Wednesdays, you can get a cashback of 15% up to 5,000 Rs. on losing. A minimum deposit of 2,000 is a must.

Payment Options

The 10CRIC Casino provides multiple payment options to help players find a method as per their choice. You can deposit money using a Paysafe card, VISA, MasterCard, ecoPayz, Bitcoin, Maestro, Skrill, Neteller, and so on. The withdrawal methods include MasterCard, Bitcoin, VISA, WebMoney, Bank Wire Transfer, and Bitcoin. The withdrawal request usually gets approved within one to two days. With so many payment options, we are sure you will find a method of your liking!

Mobile App

10CRIC Casino app is available in the Android app store. It is free to install and has great usability, even for beginners. Gamblers using other devices like iOS and Windows can use the mobile-optimized website. The site looks good on the mobile screen, and the games run without any lag. So, be it from a computer or phone, we are sure you will love the 10CRIC Casino experience!

10Cric app

Customer Service Team

10CRIC Casino has a brilliant customer service team that serves the players 24X7. You can easily get in touch with them via the mail or call them at +911171279507. If you want to opt for an easier option, you can go for live chatting or Skype call. Either way, they will provide you quick help whenever needed!


If you wonder whether or not the site is secure and can keep your info safe, be glad because it is perfectly protected from all sorts of scams. 10CRIC Casino has a legal license and fair terms that keep every gambler safe on their website. Hence, chill and enjoy the games without worrying about your safety!

Final Word

We hope this guide has helped you learn a lot about the 10CRIC Casino. It is a treasure for gamblers who are looking for the best games and bonuses. Our experts are already in love with this betting club. Tell us when are you planning to join 10CRIC Casino? We are thrilled to know!

10Cric Promo Code

Today, every bookmaker wants to attract more punters. Many of them give away an enrollment reward and encourage users to play more in every way possible. To win the prizes, you should follow a few steps and wait until the betting company awards you. We are going to talk about the 10Cric promo code and ways to use it.

Introducing 10Cric India

10Cric started operating in 2012 under the name “Betrally.” It rebranded later and gained more popularity, now people refer to its new brand name, and many users even do not know that the service is so many years old. The reason for the change of image was the desire to spread around Europe and expand the service’s sphere of influence outside India.

Luckily for the company, after rebranding, it has become number one in its origin country. Maybe it happened due to the welcoming politics and giving away a 10Cric welcome bonus to every new user. In any case, it has a massive fanbase in the European betting business sector.

10Cric Loyalty Programs

The service also offers loyalty programs as it wants you to play continuously after the 10Cric bonus. You earn loyalty points every time you play, and then you can convert them into cash in your account when you have accumulated enough. Slots, parlor games, and roulette are the games that earn the fastest points.

10Cric also has a VIP club. Depending on the game, you get to enjoy bigger and better rewards and more opportunities than standard members. 10Cric also allows you to place bets for free continuously under promotion, in which you can win money.

10Cric bonus

10Cric India Mobile Version Casino

10Cric also works very well on mobile. Those who have already registered can download the app on any device as it works on Android and iOS. You can log into your account using the same data you stated on the site. The registration is also possible via the app (by using the app, you cannot get a 10Cric welcome bonus). Although there are fewer games on mobile than computer gaming, you will find almost all the significant activities there with similar HD graphics.

Apart from sports, the 10Cric app provides its leading services for banking with the help of many safe and flexible methods. For example, using the app to withdraw your win is convenient and fast. Moreover, any questions can be directed to the support team from the mobile interface to be on the computer for assistance.

Is There a Bonus Available for the Mobile App?

Most bookmakers have chosen not to give explicit rewards to the individuals who bet on their cell phones. This fact doesn’t suggest that the individuals who bet on cell phones won’t have any compensation — all users can withdraw their money. On the contrary, it is even more beneficial to get to any reward offered on the leading site using a convenient app. However, the 10Cric bonus code will not work in the app.

Safety&Fair Play

10Cric constantly reviews its software and games to ensure safety and well-functioning. The Indian Gaming Authority licenses the casino. It bears the Sikkim Online Gaming (Regulation) Approval seal, which assures you that the sites are completely safe and unbiased.

10Cric offers a wide choice of banking methods that are both fast and secure. Most plans available for withdrawal money or 10Cric bonus code and deposit can also be used at 10Cric. In addition, all your personal information and financial transactions are fully protected through state-of-the-art encryption technology.

10Cric cares about its players. You are allowed to set your daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limit. By choosing this option, you can reduce the loss of losing more money.

Customer Service

10Cric provides you with excellent customer support, which makes it different from many casinos. Quality customer service is an essential part of any casino. 10Cric team will answer any questions or concerns, especially when it comes to receiving your award for the 10Cric bonus code sports. You can request 24/7 support in the English language through live chat, phone, or email, and you get the proper solution to your problems here quickly.

What Is a 10Cric Welcome Bonus?

Virtually all online casinos provide a welcome bonus for the new users, and 10Cric also does not disappoint you. Using a unique promo code, you can receive an award of almost Rs 10000 here. The bonus applies to all users who have made a bet in the first four days of registration. This condition means that you ought to deposit the money within four days to benefit from the reward.

How to File a Bonus?

10Cric is known for different reasons. One is an assortment of sports and spaces and games in the gambling direction. All these allow punters to bet with alternatives and serious chances. How to access 10Cric bonus code sports?

  • Read the article and find out which promo code is suitable for you.
  • Go to the 10Cric’s site and press ‘Join Now.’
  • Enter the additional information to complete the enrollment.

You will receive a 10Cric promotional code immediately after registration. As you top up an account balance for the first time, you will have extra finances credited to your record.

What Is the Maximum Amount You Can Receive?

Some offers will qualify you for 100% up to ₹10000 welcome rewards in addition to 20 spins for free. Just copy a 10Cric bonus code and use it during the final information exchange when topping up your account.

If you would like to play at the club, we have you covered. By entering a 10Cric welcome bonus, you can receive up to a ₹75,000 reward for the invitу club and a 150% reward up to ₹20,000 for the live gambling club:

  • 1st deposit — 100% bonus up to ₹20,000 for a ₹1,000 bet;
  • 2nd — 75% up to ₹25,000 for a₹2,000 bet;
  • 3rd — 50% up to ₹25,000 for a₹2,000 bet.

10Cric Welcome Bonus

Payment Options

You can access all the globally known and used payment services to withdraw your 10Cric bonus or other wins. The administrator will cater to each punter, and it guarantees that the site’s team will choose the best strategy to award a user. The decision, of course, depends on the punter, but the team is ready to cooperate, and they offer the following techniques, restrictions, conditions, and time taken in making award withdrawal:

  • Visa — ₹1000 (Immediate);
  • MasterCard — ₹1000 (Immediate);
  • Neteller — ₹1000 (Immediate);
  • Skrill — ₹1000 (Immediate);
  • EcoPayz — ₹1000 (Immediate);
  • Bitcoin — ₹1000 (Immediate).

10Cric Bonus Code Sports

You ought to get the liberality as a punter. Interestingly, at times you bet nearly everything in your record, and you are left with little to nothing, yet the reward repays you, and you can use it for different sports. The rewards are additionally a method of appreciation by the bookmaker. 10Cric offers prizes to engage a punter in more rounds and encourage them to stay a devoted client. You ought to, subsequently, take these rewards and make the best out of them. The sports that you can bet on:

  • Football;
  • Tennis;
  • Cricket;
  • Different types of weekly promos.


Learn more about how to use a 10Cric bonus code.

Is 10Cric Bonus Legal?

Yes, 100%. It is not illegal to join any of the online casinos displayed on this website. Unlike elsewhere in the world, India has a long gambling culture. The law is often a disputed topic among naysayers. Still, the fact is that no Indian law considers it illegal, and, therefore, Indian gamblers have the right to visit online casino websites. Indeed, 10Cric has a betting permit from Curacao, and this implies it is in full right to provide gambling services.

How Can I Use 10Cric Bonus?

To benefit from an official reward, you should register on the site, top up your account to make the first bet, and enter the 10Cric promotional code. After that, the site will automatically count your award.

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